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Frank Baldan, the owner and founder of Infinity, started the company in February of 2009.  Prior to that, he had managed a portfolio of homeowner associations for 10 years at First Columbia, a property management firm with both commercial and HOA clients.  When the owner of that company sold the firm, Frank began Infinity along with several clients who preferred to stay with Frank as their manager.  In his off-hours, Frank tries to spend as much time with his wife and two young children.   Frank has also been a longtime volunteer with Special Olympics and has taken time each year to help with the Summer Games held at UC Davis.


Shashawna Ball,

Sr. Community Association Manager

Shashawna joined Infinity Property Management in 2019. With an extensive background in Business Development and Portfolio Management. Her skill set has become an asset to the Infinity Team. She has worked as an Association Manager since 2016 and has been managing high volume portfolios since 2014.  She has a great passion for property management. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Southern Connecticut State University. 

 As a San Francisco Bay Area native she enjoys spending time with her two children, hiking, and cooking.  


Richard joined Infinity Property Management in 2012.  He has worked as a Community Association Manager since 2005. Prior to joining the Common Interest Development profession, Richard was in Facilities Management for 20 years, managing buildings and operations from light manufacturing and warehouses to high tech office buildings.  A 6th Generation native of the Santa Clara Valley, he recently celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary and enjoys spending time with his three grown children, traveling, and tending to his fruit trees and garden.


Desirae recently joined Infinity with 3 years of experience in property management, and an extensive background in account management and customer service. Her expertise enables her to thoroughly manage the everyday needs of an HOA, as well as efficiently handle unexpected challenges that inevitably arise. These skills, coupled with her passion for improving the lives of others, make her a valuable asset to the Infinity team.

Outside of the office, Desirae enjoys spending time with her children, trail running, hiking, kayaking, and exploring the culinary diversity of the Bay area.

Desirae Burnham,

Community Association  Manager

Frank Baldan, MBA


Richard Overhouse,

Community Association Manager



Assistant Community Association Manager

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Tony - Sonora HOA 11-06-19.JPG


On-Site Community Manager

My name is Tony Barney, I am the onsite manager at the Sonora HOA.  This place is a perfect fit for me, I enjoy working with people and working with vendors.  My whole life has been working customer service from retail stores to restaurants giving people the service I want.  My last job was at the Bollinger Home Depot where I was a flooring specialist, project specialist, running kids workshops, working close with management, running the infocus group focusing on store safety, driving fork lifts and reaches as pack down for other departments in the store, basically being the best I could be which I am bringing to the Sonora.  If a problem comes through my door I will do my best to fix it or find the person who is capable of fixing it in a timely manner.

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