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Full Service HOA Management

  • Schedule board meetings.

  • Coordinate and post/send out agendas.

  • Prepare and circulate Board packets.

  • Send out follow up meeting minutes.

  • Prepare to-do lists and assign timelines and people (if required) to all action items.

  • Maintain to-do list and ensure all action items are completed on time and accurately.

  • Coordinate annual elections and manage voting forum.

  • Ensure board meetings and general policies and procedures are being carried out in compliance with the Davis-Stirling Act and buildings’ governing documents.

  • Keeps BOD up to date on any new association laws or changes to current laws.

  • Make recommendations for updates to the CC&R’s, By-Laws and House Rules annually to ensure documents are compliant.

  • Maintain all corporate documents.

  • Monthly on-site visits and inspections with checklist.

  • Communicate and update owners as necessary on building matters.

  • Manage and resolve resident questions and complaints.

  • Draft and send letters to members who are in violation of CC&R’s, including time frame for correction or, if applicable, hearing dates.

  • Compile and send annual disclosure mailings to HOA.

  • Ensure HOA is compliant with all current laws governing condominium communities.

  • Handling of delinquent accounts, emphasizing timely follow up and confidentiality.

  • Work with and provide advice to owners on how to handle neighbor disputes.

  • Coordinate all moves for the building in compliance with house operating rules and regulations.

  • Maintain homeowner information database to keep current.

  • HOA specific website.
  • Homeowner Portal/ Board Member Portal.

Escrow & Disclosure Services

Financial & Accounting Services

  • Monthly HOA due collections (offer online dues payment option), bank deposits and transfer of reserve funds.

  • Monthly reconciliation of account ledgers and late notices to residents past due.

  • Payment of all operating and reserve expenses, including utilities and payroll.

  • Issue monthly financial packet, including bank statements, check registers and summary reports of deposits and expenses paid -all made available on-line for easy access.

  • Coordinate with CPA to complete annual tax returns and financial reviews.

  • Finalize and distribute year-end financial summary.

  • Annual pro forma operating budget with recommendations of reserve quantities for upcoming major repairs.

  • Manage collection of delinquent up to 90 days. Coordinate with collection companies once account is 90 days past due.


  • Emergency maintenance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Maintenance requests:
    -Process all maintenance requests
    -Contact, hire and supervise all maintenance work with vendors
    -Meet with vendors at property as required
    -Follow up on all maintenance matters to ensure properly resolved

  • Renegotiation of vendor contracts to ensure pricing is always competitive.

  • Vendor screening (includes verification of insurance, license and references).

  • Ensure all building systems are current and up to code for maximum safety (includes fire alarms systems, elevators, sprinkler systems, HVAC units).

  • Annual maintenance calendar for managing certifications and timely scheduling of preventative maintenance.

  • Coordinate and manage the Reserve Study for all major building components.

  • Send out all building notices regarding upcoming maintenance activities/events.

Full Service
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