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Infinity Property Management is a privately owned and operated Common Interest Development Management Company providing services to clients in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Founded in 2009 by Frank Baldan with the mindset of client loyalty and the desire to help Communities operate at their fullest potential. With this vision in mind Frank has built a successful track record of service and innovation that has empowered the Infinity team to redefine the ultimate goal of HOA management, and enables us to consistently fulfill our commitments.  


We understand that every community is unique and we strive to provide the services your community needs...working with what works well and recommending changes for those elements that do not.  For example, we work with many vendors and while we may have a stronger relationship with some than others, we strongly believe that if a vendor is performing well and has a good relationship with the community there is no reason to make a change. 

Being locally owned and operated, we can be flexible in the services your community needs.  Infinity can provide management services only  (If you already have a vendor providing your financial services) or full management.  Our accounting is performed in-house...we do not contract out to a third party.  We use an integrated software system called Condo Manager which allows our managers and staff to access information to answer questions immediately.  Infinity also provides a basic website for our clients.  Owners can easily retrieve insurance information, forms, submit service requests, check their account balance, etc. at any time or day.  If you already happen to have a website, we're happy to take over the administration of it.  Again, if you have something that works well for you, we generally try to keep it that way. A well-managed association goes beyond the mere fulfillment of its fiduciary responsibilities, it seeks to improve the quality of life for residents. 


"I've been on the Board of Director's for my HOA in Mountain View for nearly a decade and Frank has been our Property Manager for the last seven years or so. In a nutshell, Frank is just great. We are very, very thankful to have him."


Now that I'm on the HOA board, I realize how long it takes to get things done in the proper channels, with the right people. It doesn't happen overnight the same way that we'd expect. Things have to be approved by board members, prices have to be negotiated and multiple quotes need to be obtained. I love that Infinity knows the best people for the jobs, including the least expensive, the best quality, and the ones contracted with the city. Frank is extremely knowledgeable on exactly what can be done to abide by the city rules, as well as what we "should" do to keep in line with the regulations.


I'm the president for my Mt. View association and we are very pleased and appreciative of the many positive things that Infinity Property Management does for our association!  Carefully reviewing all bids for business, getting competitive bids, taking the time to document and explain the differences.  Frank and his very professional team doesn't leave a stone unturned!  I will continue to refer business to Infinity Property Management - they are on-top-of-their game!


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